Long time no see…

Last time I updated – which was entirely too long ago – I promised some as-yet unreleased material in my next post.  This is sort of a compromise – many of these images have been released, but only in the raw format, not the color-corrected versions.  Trinity is a model I worked with in 2008; from a bit west of Greensboro, she came out to Burlington to shoot with me.  She had a smile that seemed to take up her entire face, and although she was just getting back into modeling from a surgery-induced break, still seemed an old hand at it.

She is also a huge Michigan fan, so any of you out there that are Ohio Buckeye fans might want to close your eyes.  🙂

She’s also a huge Dodgers fan, as I’m sure you’ll see from a few of the images in the gallery below.  So, without too much more of my blather, let’s get right to the images we created!

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