The last of the really old stuff

So far, everything I’ve posted has been really old stuff that’s been available and indexed in my public gallery. Today is no exception, save for being the last of that batch. Yes, there are more shoots I’ve done in this category that may make an appearance later, but those shoots are, in my opinion, not as good. Since I’m trying to showcase my best work, I’m not cluttering it up with not-so-good stuff. Today’s update is from a shoot I did in March 2008 with Emilie.
Emilie was living in the Triad area of North Carolina at the time, but had a great desire to relocate to the left coast.

Emilie was yet another model that was very easy to work with, had all her stuff together, and knew a heck of a lot more about how shoots were supposed to work than I did.  Are you seeing a pattern here yet?  🙂  So since I don’t want to waste your time with blather, I’ll just insert a mini-gallery of her images below.

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