Catching up slowly

Today I’m busily sorting through and post-processing the images from yesterday’s shoot, trying to find the ones that are especially good and make sure they lok the way I want them to look.  I’ve got a lot of images to go through!

The images here are from a shoot I did with Kristen Vanet in April 2008.  Kristen is a former Lady Cat cheerleader and a promotional model based in Charlotte – she was in the Triangle area for a modeling gig so managed to hold her nose long enough to stop by Burlington to shoot with me on her way back home.

She is very much a “country girl” at heart; she’s a huge fan of NASCAR and very large trucks, and just about talked my ear off about how much fun mudding is.

I’m still not entirely sure what mudding involves other than a large dirt field, moderate to heavy rains, large pickup trucks, and a hell of a lot of washing the trucks later, though.  Maybe it’s the Yankee in me just refusing to understand – Fate knows she tried explaining it to me enough different ways and long enough that I ought to!

Fortunately for me, she also appreciates small, fast cars like my SKY – it’s not quite a track car, but it’s pretty close!

Kristen is still active in photographic and promotional modeling, and from everything I hear is insanely busy, working 8 or 9 days a week in and around the Charlotte area.  Thank Fate I was able to catch her when I did!

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