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Yep, it’s time for another update.  This time, I’m going to toss up some images I created with Crystal Mayze, a model based in Harrelsville, NC.  I haven’t caught up with her since this shoot in 2008, but at the time she was a modl, personal trainer, EMT, and Occupational Therapy expert – geez, that’s even busier than I am!

I first met Crystal back in 2005, actually, when I did my first shoot with her out in Harrelsville.  At the time, I went out to her farm in Harrelsville and got some decent shots out on the “back 40”.  Since then, I’ve gotten nothing but better, and in all honesty, I’m not at all impressed with what I was able to do then.  In fact, I’m downright unwilling to publish very many iamges from that era of my photography, because they look so bad compared to what I can do now.

Fortunately for me, Crystal was willing to give me a chance to redeem myself when she contacted me in 2008 for another shoot.  It was early March when we did this shoot, so it was still a bit cool but the worst of the cold had been taken over by the rapidly approaching spring weather.  Most of the images were taken at a canoe launch on the Haw River just outside of Burlington.  At the time, I was living in Burlington and working in Greensboro, so I didn’t have much of a studio area to work with, but the canoe launch was very convenient and far enough off the beaten path to be very low traffic.

We started the shoot somewhat late in the afternoon so we had to do the last few sets indoors.  Given the severe lack of decent backgrounds in my apartment, I was somewhat disappointed in the outcome of those images, but that was entirely the fault of the location.  Crystal is an excellent model, and if she hasn’t retired yet (she was debating whether to retire from modeling shortly after we did this shoot – something about being too busy and starting to burn out…  imagine that…), I would recommend her to any photographer looking for someone who’s easy to work with.  She’s friendly, personable, doesn’t waste time, and just generally has all her stuff together for the entire shoot.

Come to think of it, I’ve managed to always work with awesome models who don’t waste my time and really have their stuff together – I consider myself incredibly lucky in that regard!

And on that note, I’ll close this entry out – stay tuned for more updates soonish!

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