Getting started

Well, I’ve had this empty blog for a while, and I’ve just not been finding the time to make any posts.  Honestly, it’s mostly because I’ve not found time to do any photography lately, and even though I have a bunch of material available, I was wanting to get some new shoots done.

Well, enough is enough – time to start on this with two of my favorite recent shots of Stephanie.  I made contact with her through a modeling web site and did a total of three shoots with her – lots of personality, very energetic, easy to work with, and willing to step outside the normal “comfort zone”.

This shot and the next one were both taken at Hanging Rock State Park in March of 2009.  The water is still a bit chilly, so we waited until the end of the shoot before getting serious about the water.  The rocks were only moderately cool – not cold enough to avoid sitting on, but not the heated rocks that reptiles prefer, either.  The North Carolina mountains likes to keep it chill!

Well, towards noon we finally decided to get her under the waterfall, and this next image is, I think, the best of the shoot.

Yes, it was a very quick setup, and the shoot was done not very much longer after that – Stephanie wrapped about 3 thick towels around herself and only just barely avoided having her teeth chattering!

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